Liv grew up in Norway and trained as a musical theatre performer. In her final year of training she was simultaneously performing in Jesus Christ Superstar at The Norwegian Theatre. Following this, she moved to the UK to train at the Guildford School of Acting. She graduated with a first class honours degree and moved to London to pursue her acting career. She is now signed to International Actors London.

Even with a flourishing music career, Liv has still continued acting. She recently appeared on Channel 4 (UK) and ABC (US) as the multilingual guide synth Gloria on season 3 of the hit TV series Humans, receiving extremely high praise from the show's writers, Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent: "That's not ADR, by the way. She was actually speaking all of those languages! She's also a singer-songwriter. She's very talented." - Brackley. "She's one of the best guest Synths we've ever had (...). She gives it a wonderfully spooky feel. It really brings that story into sharp relief." - Vincent.


Many now recognise Liv as "The Thorntons Girl", after a very successful and recurring Christmas TV campaign for Thorntons. Liv also starred in giffgaff's biggest Halloween advert to date, The Music Box, a 2 minute long film that played in cinemas across the UK and was viewed by millions of people online. She has also featured in other commercials for PringlesVery and many more.


On stage, she originated the role of vicious and self obsessed Dana in WIFI (What Is Future I?) at the Tea House Theatre. She was also the original lead of the musical Scandinavian Heart as the passionate and idealistic Swedish student Brigitta Häggström who gets involved with the Occupy movement in London.


Liv has appeared in several short films; TruckDelilahSamaritanNorm and The End, and the feature film Modern Love.